As a dental professional, you know about the dangers of cold sores. The threat of contracting career-affecting Whitlow Disease from a patient causes many dental providers to turn away patients suffering with cold sores. In fact, a just published study on the dangers of the cold sore virus provides a stark reminder that the contagious nature of cold sores can be transmitted unwittingly and with disastrous consequences.

What you probably do not know is that a recent survey of cold sore sufferers revealed more than one in five patients have actually cancelled a dental appointment due to a cold sore outbreak.  And the majority of these cancellations never reschedule!

Quadex Labs introduces Viroxyn Professional Use to help you and your patients:

By Reducing Time to Recovery

Viroxyn Professional Use provides the best clinical outcome per dose of any Rx or OTC cold sore medication. It utilizes a pharmacology that acts to disrupt the lipid envelope of the cold sore virus, and has garnered considerable attention in Dental Healthcare literature.1

In a recently published study, Viroxyn Professional Use was shown to stop cold sore pain for most patients within an hour, and is clinically proven to speed the healing process. Used properly, it reduces time to healing from 10-11 days to only three days (over 70%).1 The current top-selling OTC brand reduces healing time by only one day (about 10%)2.

By Keeping The Virus From Spreading

Viroxyn Professional Use has a patented single-use brush applicator that delivers the medicine directly to the affected area. The applicator prevents the dental professional or patient from touching the cold sore during treatment, reducing the chance of spreading the virus.

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