Viroxyn Professional Use is easy for patients to use, and they can apply it as soon as they feel the tingly, itchy sensation of a cold sore beginning.

1. Clean the Affected Area

Prior to treatment, patients should clean the area to be treated. Tell them not use soap or other cleansers. A dry wipe maybe sufficient, and they can use water or alcohol if necessary. 
Warn your patients that the ingredients in toothpaste, soft drinks and some fruit juices can deactivate the active ingredient in Viroxyn Professional Use. For best results, they should avoid brushing their teeth with toothpaste, or drinking soft drinks or fruit juice for at least one hour after applying the drug.

2. Break the Inner Vial

The patient should remove the cardboard cap and place it on the other end, over the clear plastic tube, then squeeze or bend the center of the white cardboard cap until the inner vial breaks. 
Once it breaks, patients should hold
 the white applicator tip down and allow the medication to saturate the swab. If necessary, they should pinch the vial gently until a drop of medication appears. 
The applicator should be saturated at all times. If necessary, patients should pause and hold the vial in such a way to allow the medication to flow into the applicator.

3. Dab the Cold Sore with Applicator

Patients should gently touch the saturated applicator tip to the site of the cold sore. To avoid pain during application, they should wait about 30 seconds; until the lip is numb. Numbing lasts several minutes.

4. Rub the Sore

The key to applying Viroxyn Professional Use is to vigorously rub the medication on the tingly, itchy site of the cold sore and the surrounding area. Patients should rub firmly, but take care not to damage the tissue, using all the medication in the vial.

Instructions for Open Sores

Patients should vigorously rub the surrounding area; firmly press the applicator tip to the cold sore and rub, moving the lip against the teeth. Tell them to avoid scrubbing; this will further open the lesion.

When finished, patients should recap the vial and dispose of it immediately. Tell them not to disassemble the vial, and to keep it out of reach of children.

NOTE: In some cases, patients may notice a thin white powder forming after the other ingredients evaporate. This is normal. Tell your patients that the powder will go away over time, or they can choose to brush it away gently with a wet tissue or paper towel. Be sure to remind them not to touch the cold sore.