Dental patients have a lot of choices when it comes to their dental health.  Some choose to avoid taking care of their dental needs altogether. Others procrastinate between visits. Some of your patients may wander between dental care providers. These patients do not understand the value of one dental professional knowing their history, which can result in failure to meet their overall health needs.

But the fact is that one in four patients who walk through your doors will suffer from a cold sore in the next twelve months... and one in every thirty suffers from cold sores at least once a month.  They are looking for a solution, and as a valued healthcare provider, they are hoping that you just might have one.

When you make Viroxyn Professional Use a part of your practice, you can raise your own standing in the eyes of your patients by providing a cold sore treatment that actually works. Increased loyalty means more return visits, healthier patients, and a stronger practice.

In addition, recommending Viroxyn Professional Use might reduce the number of cancelled appointments due to cold sores. Half of the patients who cancel their semi-annual appointments never reschedule.

Viroxyn Professional Use can also help keep your staff healthy. By asking the basic questions, “do you suffer from cold sores?” and “when was your last outbreak?” you can help protect your staff from this highly contagious virus. However, treating patients suffering from cold sores with Viroxyn Professional Use will keep your staff even safer.