As soon as you feel the tingly, itchy sensation that occurs when a cold sore begins...

1. Clean The Affected Area

Prior to treatment, clean the area to be treated. Don’t use soap or other cleansers. A dry wipe may be sufficient, but you can also use water or alcohol if necessary.

2. Break The Inner Vial

Remove the cardboard cap and place it on the other end, over the clear plastic tube, then squeeze or bend the center of the white cardboard cap until the inner vial breaks. Then hold the white applicator tip down so the medication can saturate the swab.

3. Dab Cold Sore with The Applicator

Gently touch the saturated applicator tip to the site of the cold sore. To avoid pain during application, wait about 30 seconds; until the lip is numb. Numbing lasts several minutes.

4. Rub The Medication Into The Sore

Vigorously rub the medication into 
the tingly, itchy site of the cold sore and the surrounding area. Do not damage the tissue. Be sure to use all the medication in the vial.

On Open Sores, vigorously rub the surrounding area, then firmly press the applicator tip to the cold sore and rub, moving the lip against the teeth. Avoid scrubbing; this will further open the lesion.

Viroxyn Professional Use is only available for purchase by consumers through the offices of dental professionals.  Search for a dentist near you.