More than one hundred million Americans suffer from at least one cold sore outbreak every year. The majority suffers from an average of four per year, with more than 11 million people having at least one cold sore outbreak per month.

In the past, you’ve had to deal with the pain and disfigurement of an outbreak using cover ups and pain products that barely seem to make any difference at all.

And those same treatments require multiple applications of the medicine, constantly touching the cold sore with your bare hands. This increases the risk of spreading the virus to other parts of your body, or to someone else.

With Viroxyn Professional Use, everything changes.

When applied, Viroxyn Professional Use numbs the pain in seconds. Studies show that, on average, the pain goes away permanently in one hour.

With 7.5% Benzocaine, Viroxyn Professional Use provides powerful pain-killing power. It stops cold sore pain almost instantly.

Just how fast does Viroxyn Professional Use work? 

It’s clinically proven to speed the healing process. If untreated, a cold sore will usually heal in about 10–12 days. Most over-the-counter cold sore treatments will speed healing slightly, making the cold sore heal in 9 to 10 days — not much of a difference for something as painful and unsightly as a cold sore.  But Viroxyn Professional Use reduces healing time to only three days, if used properly.

And Viroxyn Professional Use comes with a patented single-use brush applicator that delivers the medicine directly to the affected area. Preventing people from touching the cold sore during treatment reduces the risk of spreading the virus.

Viroxyn Professional Use is only available for purchase by consumers through the offices of dental professionals.  Search for a dentist near you.