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—R J, Pennsylvania.

“Our patients loved your product. It is amazing the reduction in healing time.”
—Dr. John P. Monda, Pennsylvania.

“It is amazing that it works that immediately and dramatically in just one application. Thank you Viroxyn Professional® for changing my life.”
—Todd D, Arizona.

“We need more products like this in the dental profession. Because the product works so well, the staff recommends it to every patient they see.”
—Dr. Stephen Davis, California

“This product is great for my practice because it works. It allows me to get my patients out of pain and back to see me sooner,”
—Dr. Martha Basile, Illinois

“I called your office and they gave me the name of a dentist — who was actually within my building where I work — and I was able to purchase some within 5 minutes of my call. By the next day the cold sore was totally gone. Your product is such a blessing to me.”
—Betty M, Pennsylvania

Viroxyn Professional Use is only available for purchase by consumers through the offices of dental professionals.  Search for a dentist near you.